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The Value Of One-On-One Enrollment

Increase Employee Understanding & Satisfaction Through One-On-One Enrollment

Vendor statistics show when highly trained counselors meet with employees for one-on-one consultations, enrollment increases 6-41% resulting in your employees having higher satisfaction. With the right information, your employees can make better decisions.

Wellness Of America benefit counselors provide each of your employee with consistent information and individual attention. Bilingual counselors are available as needed.

When your employee chooses to apply for coverage, our benefit counselor captures the information electronically, ensuring complete and accurate data collection.

Our highly trained benefit counselors focus on the messages you want to communicate.

If multiple products are being enrolled, personal information is entered once and applied across all products providing employees with immediate proof of application.

Benefit counselors are paid on a per diem basis (versus commission) which allows them to focus on your individual employee’s education which results in matching him or her with the right products and the amount of coverage he or she needs.

Our enrollment manager can monitor participation and provide the plan administrator with a summary of your individual employee’s enrollment activity.

With Our One-On-One Enrollment Service, You’ll get:
  • Regular updates
  • Employee attendance activity report
  • Employee benefit election authorizations
  • Post-enrollment benefit summary
  • Payroll deduction files

Having a third party work with your employees will provide an objective, knowledgeable, and consistent perspective that may be more easily accepted, especially when there is a reduction in benefits or increase in cost.

If you have any questions at all, call us and we’ll gladly answer any questions you have. We want you understand how voluntary benefits can help your company save money, while increasing employee retention.

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