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Save Your Company Money By Offering Voluntary Employee Benefits

Voluntary employee benefits are more crucial than ever. With the current economy, increased healthcare costs, and variable income, voluntary employee benefits can help your company save money while increasing employee loyalty. Employer-provided life and disability insurance increases the value of any benefits package, provides a good base of coverage for employees, and contributes to their workplace satisfaction. Click play on the video on the right to learn more about how Voluntary Benefits can help.

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Offering Voluntary Employee Benefits Is The Smart ChoiceContact us and we’ll show you how your company can save money—at no cost to you.

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Save 5-10% On Employee Costs

Your company can save between 5-10% on employee costs with a Dependent Eligibility Audit. Nationally recognized consulting firms like Pricewaterhouse Cooper have determined that 1 in 10 dependents covered under an employer’s health plan are actually ineligible for coverage.

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Increase Employee Loyalty & Retention

We’ll present your employees with a personalized benefit statement to show the “hidden paycheck” that they receive from employer contributions to their individual plan. Explaining the company’s monetary contribution increases employee moral, loyalty, & retention.

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Employee Benefit Communications
Custom Branded Employee Benefit Brochures

You can maximize your employees’ awareness and participation in voluntary employee benefits through our personalized benefit explanation process. The success of a voluntary employee benefit plan depends on the employees’ understanding of the program.

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Value Of One-On-One Enrollment

Vendor statistics show when highly trained counselors meet with employees for one-on-one consultations, enrollment increases 6-41% resulting in your employees having higher satisfaction. With the right information, your employees can make better decisions.

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